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"We recommend Golden Tech to every client..."

Golden Tech is one of the best IT partners we have been able to find in the Midwest. We partnered with Golden Tech to be our dedicated IT partner a year ago. Since then, the clients of ours who took up their service has seen a dramatic decrease in downtime and email / server related issues. We recommend Golden Tech to every client of ours who are looking for IT solutions.

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Is technology working for you
or against you?

Are you distracted from doing business because of recurring IT issues? Do you worry about data loss, compliance and IT security? Is your IT support slow, unreliable and reactive? Have you had a malware incident? Do you wonder if you are really getting the IT services you pay for? Would you like to work with an IT strategist who will help you understand where your technology stands today and will create a plan that road maps how technology will impact you in the future?

Golden Tech is that partner. Set your business up so that technology is working for you, not against you. Delegate IT to our team of experts and we take on the risk and responsibility of managing your technology so you can stay focused on your business.

Golden Tech will deliver a straight forward approach to IT that is based on common sense and 22 years of expertise in technology. We have traditional values, but we are always improving, updating and innovating.

fully managed it solutions

Golden Complete

Managed IT Services - Golden Complete is a bundle of services that address all of your IT needs, for a set monthly fee. You will know what to expect from your technology, who will handle any issues and what it will cost.

Fix it Now

Need Help Now?

Our help desk is ready to take on malware infections, server outages, denied access to email or troubleshoot your network.
 Call us, we are here to help.

Back up &
Disaster Recovery 

Lost data is not acceptable, period.

 Golden Tech has an answer to fears of backup failures; we will secure your data and restore it if need be. Not only will we restore the data, we will restore the operating system and software, right along with the data. 

Guaranteed Data 

IT Projects 

Old infrastructure is unreliable.

If your network is running on aging equipment Golden Tech will engineer a plan to update your systems.

New ideas for old networks.

Cloud Computing

Should you move your IT to the cloud?  

Cloud computing has cost savings, convenience and compliance benefits. But is it right for you?

Golden Tech will walk you through the transition to the cloud.

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Our mission is to connect people and business through technology.

We seek innovation and embrace teamwork, striving to be the best IT provider in the communities we serve. Our goal is excellence achieved through dedication and hard work.

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