IT Cloud Services in Indiana

How Cloud Computing Can Help your Indiana Business

Like many businesses, you may be considering moving your IT to the cloud. Again, like many businesses you may be wondering what that means to you. There are many misconceptions about what moving to the cloud really means, the impact on your business and the costs involved.

Golden Tech will help you decide if moving business applications to the cloud makes sense for your organization. We begin with a discovery process that will include what you hope to accomplish with a move to the cloud, the software you intend to utilize, your current network and potential costs. Cloud computing is most often based on monthly subscription costs, rather than outright purchases of software. Does this change work for your business? There are also hardware requirements that need to be met in order to successfully move to the cloud.

If moving to the cloud is a good fit for your business, Golden Tech will put in place the equipment needed for web-based access to your applications, data, email, file sharing and collaborative tools—in one place. It will allow you to work just as easily with Windows-based applications as it does on the web, SaaS, at home on your PC or mobile devices. You’ll have instant access to your files at any time, or anywhere, without risk.You can even save files while browsing the web.


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web based desktop

Your Desktop – Available Anywhere, from Any Device

From any Internet link in the world, your employees can have secure and encrypted access to all of their IT, presented on the same desktop that they use when they’re working in the office. 

Golden Tech gives you everything you need to take full advantage of cloud computing. By unifying all of your applications and data in the cloud, your company can work more flexibly and efficiently. Technology alone is not enough. Today’s businesses need proven solutions that are adaptable, secure, and fully supported.

Office 365 Defined:

Office 365 is a subscription based plan that gives users access to software from Microsoft. The subscription allows for monthly or yearly commitments. Benefits of moving to Office 365 include access to the most up-to-date version of Microsoft products and different package tiers allow for more or less options depending on users needs. Office 365 allows for the software to be installed on multiple devices and includes online storage. The subscription for software can also be paired with email and consolidates administrative and equipment requirements. 

Golden Tech can help you to determine if Office 365 suits the needs of your company.

Security & Compliance

Turnkey Administration


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