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Dental IT support Available in Valparaiso, Indiana

Dental practices rely on IT services to provide top-notch service to their clients. Golden Tech provides these essential IT services to help you focus on what you do best: providing dental care to your patients. You can rely on our services to increase your productivity, improve client experience, and protect your data security. 

How Can Dental IT Support Improve Your Practice?

As more and more services are offered online or through computer programs, IT becomes relevant in new places. This explains why it has grown in the dental practice. Here are some benefits your dental practice can receive from dental IT. 

Remove Stress

Your employees are busy working with patients, from administration tasks to clinical duties. They're experts in their field and are highly skilled at interacting with customers and providing medical care. Your employees can better focus their efforts on these aspects of their jobs when they don't have to worry about a computer malfunction. The stress of handling programs and systems that you're unfamiliar with can bring down the morale in an office, yet is easily fixable with external IT support. We can help you manage your IT without causing undue stress. 

Update Technology

As technology changes, its benefits improve, and staying up to date with the newest and most effective technology can enhance the productivity of your practice. Things like online appointment booking and record-keeping can transform your patients' access to their care, and it can help improve their experience at your practice. Staying on top of updating your technology is a dental IT specialty, and we can help make sure that you're ahead of the curve. 

Improve Services

You can improve your clients' services by integrating dental IT into your practice. Digitizing patient records allows quick access to accurate and up-to-date records, allowing dentists to provide safer care. These digital records also help secure patient data and improve the efficiency of tasks, such as sending prescriptions and documenting procedures. You can also have a patient portal that gives patients more control and freedom over their appointments, billing, and medical records.

Dental IT can also reduce the need for record storage and improve the productivity of your administrative team, allowing them to streamline check-in, coding, and billing procedures. We can help you find the software and systems that work with your infrastructure to improve the services you can provide to your clients without overworking your staff. That way, you can get back to working with your patients and increase the number of patients you see in a single day.

Provide Backup 

Your practice holds private information for your clients, like their medical and billing information, so your systems must be secure. Dental IT services can ensure that your information is safe from potential disclosure, theft, or system damage. Experts can respond to any questions your team may have about phishing attempts or breaches in the system. They can also monitor your systems to mitigate potential threats to your security.

Additionally, dental IT offers automated and routine backups of your data to a secure system so you always have a comprehensive copy. In case of a blackout or natural disaster, this monitored and tested copy can be used to get your system back up and running quickly and help you seamlessly recover from any downtime. Dental IT can help set up a disaster recovery plan that outlines tasks specific to your IT environment and gives you peace of mind about your restoration of business.

Meet Regulations

As members of the medical community, your adherence to HIPAA is essential in all aspects of your practice, including your systems and software. You can trust the experts to make sure your systems are up to code and that you're providing the best experience for your patients. Dental IT can help you comply with HIPAA and its regulatory requirements for collecting and storing patient data.

Examples of Dental IT

Improved dental IT services are likely to improve the procedures of your entire practice. Dental IT has become necessary in almost all areas of the field. Here are some examples of how dental IT can be relevant to your practice.

Patient Records

The days of keeping manila folders for each patient are over. Now almost all patient records are stored safely online. This benefits the patient and the administrative staff because online records are easier to sort, store, and reference. Your patients can fill out their intake forms, and their information is seamlessly linked to the patient portal and internal record-keeping systems. This eliminates the time the patient spends checking in and updating their knowledge. You can also increase the security of these records and stay HIPAA compliant with their storage.


A dental practice takes multiple people to run smoothly, and communication between those parties can improve the efficiency of the entire practice. Dental IT can provide you with software and ways to improve communication, both within your office and outside of it. You can send secure emails with private information about test results without worrying about the information being intercepted or lost. You can also improve the client experience by removing time spent finding team members or communicating scheduling information. 


You can increase your cybersecurity to protect the speed of your internet and the safety of the information you collect from your patients. Enacting cybersecurity processes can also protect your practice from fraud or hackers who want access to your private business information. Dental IT can update your security through such methods as staff training, fraud detection, defensive and protective measures, and compliance reporting.

At Golden Tech, we aim to connect people and business through technology as we provide IT services to a wide variety of small and mid-sized businesses throughout Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. We're happy to offer a full package of dental IT support services to our health care clients so they can better focus on the jobs they love and the people they serve. If you're interested in engaging our dental IT support, please call 219-462-7200 or contact us online.


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don't become a data loss statistic

3 out of 4 companies audited fail from a backup and disaster recovery standpoint.

What happens if you lose a server, or all of your servers? How long will it take to get replacement hardware? Can you restore all of your backups  to new hardware? What is the maximum amount of data that you can lose and still conduct business? How will customers communicate with your business if email or phone systems are down?

In a data loss situation, businesses most commonly lose critical software, virtual machines, critical files and days of downtime. There are very real financial implications to data loss. With all of this gloom and doom, Golden Tech is your ray of hope. 

Golden Tech can establish a backup & disaster recovery solution at your business that will solve every aspect of data loss, whether the source is malware, hardware failure or complete loss of your facility. 

Why You Need It


Most backup & disaster recovery solutions don’t address the very critical period of time between a server going down and a business being back up and running. This is when businesses are most exposed to revenue and productivity loss, along with reputation damage. The time involved in recreating your network, purchasing hardware, configuring and installing replacement equipment is significant - time you do not have when disaster strikes.

A business continuity plan fills the downtime gap by offering instant recovery of data, applications and systems, so your business can get right back to productive work—anytime, from anywhere. Golden Tech can deliver business continuity, allowing business owners to sleep at night with the confidence that their systems are protected.

Business Continuity defined

what exactly is Business continuity?

Business continuity planning is done to ensure that a company is prepared to overcome serious incidents and disaster in order to resume normal operations in a reasonable amount of time. Fires, floods, human error, server crashes, power issues or virus infections are all considered in a comprehensive business continuity plan.

Golden Tech has expertise in creating these type of plans and can get your business up and running within minutes of a crisis. Key to business continuity is a fail-proof plan for backup & disaster recovery.

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Golden Tech is one of the best IT partners we have been able to find in the Midwest. We partnered with Golden Tech to be our dedicated IT partner a year ago. Since then, the clients of ours who took up their service has seen a dramatic decrease in downtime and email / server related issues. We recommend Golden Tech to every client of ours who are looking for IT solutions.

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