Managed IT For Financial Services 

downtime doesn't earn Money, Managed Data Does.

Data management is crucial in the world of finance. It factors into every facet of your business and if your network isn't secure and reliable, then you cannot provide service to your clients.

Our team will analyze your business and develop a plan that fits your specific requirements. We will develop a long term plan that enables you to budget for future IT costs.

Golden Tech is your technology partner. We will keep up with the growth of your business so we can adjust your network as needed and provide preventative maintenance to keep your business running smoothly.

Business Bankruptcy

93% of businesses that suffer a major outage for 10 days or more declare bankruptcy within just a year

Threats to your business lurk around almost every corner– threats from both inside and outside your business.

As technology and the regulatory world gets more and more complicated, it becomes harder and harder to have just one or two staff members handling IT . There are staff computers, printers, servers, T1 connections— the variety of problems that can crop up are limitless. If your staff are not experts in the variety of IT specialties, it is costing time and money. Many employees who serve as the go-to computer person have specific training or no training at all and are  just not able to address compliance and IT issues.

Then there are the external threats to worry about. Gone are the days when locking your office and installing a security camera would keep away the thieves. Now we have a new threat, and it can come from next door or from as far away as China or Russia— the threat of cyber crime. When dealing with sensitive financial records and information, cyber security is of utmost importance.

Your business should have a plan to combat a malware attack because it will come. Destructive malware can find its way into your system, eating away at records or damaging your IT infrastructure. Hackers are hard at work seeking financial information. It is essential that you protect the information you are trusted with to prevent your customers from becoming victims.

Technology can help us become more efficient and increase the bottom line, but it can also be full of danger and insecurity. The key to success is making sure you’re prepared for the seen and unseen.

avoid damage from malware

Here is where Golden Tech comes in. We are experts at preparing you for the expected and the next threat. Our services create an environment that eases technology related worries.

are you ready to experience forward thinking IT?

Our mission is to connect people and business through technology.We seek innovation and embrace teamwork, striving to be the best IT provider in the communities we server. Our goal is excellence achieved through dedication and hard work.