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Information is central to the healthcare industry. Patient records, charts, inventories and more - all of it is critical to patient health and your success as a provider.  Are the IT professionals you have on staff so busy with day to day demands that planning and compliance are impossible to get to? Golden Tech can help - a partnership between your onsite IT staff and Golden Tech means nothing falls through the cracks.

Workloads are drastically reduced with support from Golden Tech. Important road mapping and proactive monitoring and maintenance are just a few of the benefits of our IT specialists working with yours. Together we can meet the demands of both your patients and your regulators.

21 million patient records were victims to a security breach last year alone.

Data Security & Infrastructure

Before anything else, data security is the most important function of information technology in the healthcare field. With Golden Tech handling your IT needs, you can rest assured that we’re working proactively  to ensure your data is both secure and HIPPA compliant.

Golden will ensure your infrastructure is a safe to store and transfer sensitive medical and financial records.  With your data on lock-down, we will develop a data protection solution that is necessary throughout the healthcare industry.

As part of our overall planning we will discuss policies and procedures having to do with how your practice handles data. It is extremely important to implement and enforce safe data management policies for you.

Finally, we will  protect against  hardware malfunction. Golden will provide a secure portal where all of your data offsite.

of healthcare providers admit to a data breach of some kind in the past year

Eighty percent of unplanned outages are due to poorly planned changes made by administrators or operations staff. Smaller day-to-day network configuration tasks, according to Enterprise Management Association, result in over 60 percent of errors.

the golden tech Difference

Not enough can be said about the importance of data security in healthcare. But security doesn’t mean much if it puts your practice in financial danger.

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