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IT Consulation Guide At Golden Tech

It's difficult for a business in any industry, including the health care field and the non-profit sector, to conduct its operations without effective IT solutions in place. Working with knowledgeable IT experts can bring many benefits to your company, including optimal data compliance, enhanced security, and reduced labor costs. Before you hire our team at Golden Tech for IT support, you can familiarize yourself with how the consultation process works.

Analyze Current Systems and Operations

Our consultants will begin by studying the existing technology, including hardware and software, that your company uses. We'll also work to understand your processes for storing, sending, and retrieving information. During this step of your consultation, we'll make our observations in a couple of ways. We'll have you explain your processes to us, and we'll take detailed notes to have this information to refer to later. We'll also observe your business's procedures in an everyday setting so that we can get the most accurate representation of what goes on daily.

We may analyze any number of systems and processes. For instance, we may study your company's enterprise resource planning system, customer relationship management system, human resource management system, and customer-facing web portals. Your business may raise concerns it has about the technology and processes it has in place. We'll also use our observations to identify issues in automation, workflows, and overall productivity. Our observations will provide you with an unbiased perspective on what issues your business can address.

Develop a Strategy

This step of the consultation process will look different for every business. Depending on our findings from step one, we'll begin to develop a customized strategy to improve your company's organization and data management. As we plan your company's strategy, we'll work to prioritize major issues and reserve minor ones for a later date.

There are many details to establish as we develop your strategy. For instance, we'll outline each project's requirements so that you can have a better idea of the end goal. We'll also highlight each project's cost estimates and time constraints so that your business can plan accordingly by adjusting its budget and planning for downtime. As we implement your IT solutions, we'll likely encounter new challenges that require creative fixes. We factor this in by creating room in your IT strategy for unexpected events.

Even though IT is a growing field, nearly 30% of small businesses don't have the IT support they need. When you contact our team at Golden Tech, you can enlist professional IT help without compromising whatever it is your business does best.

Create Solutions

Some people believe that consulting is a one-time ordeal. While the initial meeting and planning stages are important, the work of an IT consultant is far from over after these points. In fact, IT consulting is an ongoing process. Once the team at Golden Tech develops a strategy, we'll help you execute our solutions. This execution may take several forms, and we're prepared to do it all. For instance, we may help your business integrate its systems, transition to a new system, complete a hosting setup, and install new software.

As we execute the IT solutions we've proposed for your business, we'll work efficiently. Our team ensures to minimize downtime so that your company can conduct its operations normally. We also explain everything we're doing and keep you updated on the progress of each task so that you'll always be in the loop.

It's likely that not all your IT processes will need major adjustments. As we implement our solutions, we'll also ensure to optimize the resources you already have. This can lower your business's operating costs and ensure optimal productivity throughout all departments.

Evaluate Progress

Here at Golden Tech, set-it-and-forget-it isn't our style. Once we execute solutions, we stick around to evaluate how well they work for your company. We study key performance metrics to determine if we need to adjust anything. Our flexible team can keep track of various types of metrics. Of course, we emphasize common ones like uptime, the number of mobile app downloads from customers, the time required to meet business goals, and the duration of website visits.

We can also keep track of statistics that are more difficult to measure quantitatively. One of our biggest focuses is ensuring that you provide your customers with a satisfactory experience. We'll analyze metrics that relate to user experience and overall customer satisfaction that are more qualitative in nature. This way, we can ensure that our solutions not only look good on paper but are also helping you improve your offerings.

Suggest Improvements

After evaluating the performance of our IT solutions, we'll suggest improvements as necessary. We'd argue that IT is more of an art than it is a science, so there isn't a precise framework to follow for every company. As we begin to implement solutions, we may notice that your company would benefit from a different approach.

For example, imagine that we implement a platform-based solution for a company to manage all of its human resources information. Upon further review, we may determine that a custom solution would be more doable for the company's large employee base. While the platform-based solution might've worked for other companies, it's possible that a business may need a more custom solution.

We suggest improvements for all our clients on a case-by-case basis. No matter your company's size, industry, or budget, we ensure that your business gets the ongoing IT support it needs to remain productive, secure, and efficient.

Even though the IT consulting process may seem intimidating, you don't have to worry about any of the intricacies. The experts here at Golden Tech have years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes manage their systems for sending and storing data. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a consultation. During our first meeting, you'll see what it means to team up with Golden Tech. We'll offer benefits like scalability, innovation, and productivity that you may otherwise struggle to achieve with an in-house team.


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Why You Need It


Most backup & disaster recovery solutions don’t address the very critical period of time between a server going down and a business being back up and running. This is when businesses are most exposed to revenue and productivity loss, along with reputation damage. The time involved in recreating your network, purchasing hardware, configuring and installing replacement equipment is significant - time you do not have when disaster strikes.

A business continuity plan fills the downtime gap by offering instant recovery of data, applications and systems, so your business can get right back to productive work—anytime, from anywhere. Golden Tech can deliver business continuity, allowing business owners to sleep at night with the confidence that their systems are protected.

Business Continuity defined

what exactly is Business continuity?

Business continuity planning is done to ensure that a company is prepared to overcome serious incidents and disaster in order to resume normal operations in a reasonable amount of time. Fires, floods, human error, server crashes, power issues or virus infections are all considered in a comprehensive business continuity plan.

Golden Tech has expertise in creating these type of plans and can get your business up and running within minutes of a crisis. Key to business continuity is a fail-proof plan for backup & disaster recovery.

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Golden Tech is one of the best IT partners we have been able to find in the Midwest. We partnered with Golden Tech to be our dedicated IT partner a year ago. Since then, the clients of ours who took up their service has seen a dramatic decrease in downtime and email / server related issues. We recommend Golden Tech to every client of ours who are looking for IT solutions.

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