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The technology you use reflects your business, and the better it works, the more successful your employees are. At Golden Tech, we create, execute, and manage IT solutions for mid-sized northwest Indiana and Chicago businesses so you can focus on performance and profits. We work with a diverse range of clients across industries like healthcare, finance, non-profits, construction, and law, and we know how to tailor solutions to your unique industry.

We can help you:

  • Protect your information from emergencies.
  • Find applications that work for your business needs.
  • Solve existing problems with your network or programs.
  • Build IT plans that account for the unexpected.
  • Optimize your network, storage, and security measures.


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Why Do Chicago Businesses Need an IT Provider?

Using an IT provider like Golden Tech lets you focus on what matters most: operating your business. Trusting experts to handle your data, programs, and network security means you're getting the highest-quality solutions. We implement the newest technology to optimize your business and keep you competitive. Plus, using managed IT services is efficient, saving you valuable time and money. With Golden Tech, you get:

  • Regular access to our knowledgeable help desk technicians.
  • Rapid response and minimized downtime.
  • Personalized care from expert technicians and administrators.
  • Customizable IT solutions for your unique business needs.
  • Transparent, reliable pricing.

Golden Tech Managed IT Services for Chicago Businesses

We offer a dynamic catalog of services for mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area. We offer services like:

Cloud computing services

Many modern businesses are migrating their data to the cloud. We understand how important this move can be, and we can oversee it for you to ensure the migration is successful and stress-free. With our cloud computing solutions, we sit down with you to discuss how cloud computing might work with your business needs. We explain the monthly costs of cloud computing and the hardware you'd need. If we decide together that it's right to move your infrastructure into the cloud, we handle the setup. 

You'll be able to access your desktop, programs, data, email, and collaborative tools remotely in one streamlined location. Cloud computing can be efficient, accessible, and lightweight, and we want to support your move to the cloud while also protecting your budget and goals. Contact us today to discuss how cloud computing can work for you.


Data breaches, network failures, and malware pose a direct threat to your business. Golden Tech aims to protect your infrastructure from danger. We can carefully monitor your systems for threats and install protective measures to keep viruses, hackers, and other attackers away from your most critical data. Plus, we secure your information in many locations, so you're always one step ahead of malicious actors.

Managed IT Services

We can fully manage your technology to ensure technology is empowering your business, not slowing it down. With Golden Complete, our managed IT services, we analyze your business needs and develop a thoughtful plan that addresses issues before they arise. This means less downtime, higher productivity, and a competitive edge for your business. Golden Complete includes bundled services like:

  • A thoughtful IT road map with specialized plans.
  • Intentional IT budgeting scaled to your business needs.
  • Preventative maintenance to protect your systems.
  • Monitoring of storage capacity, network efficiency, and server strength to identify areas for improvement.
  • Preventative on-site visits from our experienced Network Administrators.


To maximize productivity, it's important to use the right programs that enable your teams to meet your organization's goals. Golden Tech can create a unique application from scratch to meet your needs. Our skilled team of Six Sigma Black Belt programmers can swiftly analyze your processes and use their expert knowledge to plan and program an application that solves your problems. Custom programs can save time, distinguish you from competitors, and improve your bottom line. Reach out to Golden Tech today to get started on a custom application that helps your organization succeed.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

At Golden Tech, we believe in fixing problems before they affect your business activities. We monitor your network to ensure optimal server performance, flexible storage capacity, and network security. From afar, our team can install updates, protect your network from malware, and adjust your system to meet our standards of excellence. For a monthly cost, we watch your network carefully, solve any issues quickly, and communicate with you promptly so you never have to worry about your network's health.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data loss and downtime can be expensive, and it's our mission to protect your business from disruptions. Outages and emergencies like natural disasters, malware, server failures, and fires can be unpredictable, but our clever backup and data recovery services can prepare you for anything. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services include:

  • Backup updates as frequently as every 30 seconds.
  • A year's worth of backups in storage.
  • A virtual machine that maintains operations in the event of a disaster.
  • A cloud-based backup for the virtual machine.
  • Backups customized, configured, installed, and managed by our team of experts.
  • Continual monitoring and updates from our technicians.

Microsoft 365

Office 365 is a subscription from Microsoft that gives businesses access to updated Microsoft programs, online storage, email pairing, and administrative oversight. Microsoft offers different Office 365 packages that we can scale to your size and needs, and you can subscribe to this service by the month or by the year. Golden Tech works with you to determine if Office 365 is the best solution for your business, then oversees your move to it. We can install Office 365 on your devices, help your team learn how to use it effectively, and ensure your data transfers properly.


Golden Tech aims to connect you with the latest emerging technology so your business stays modern, productive, and adaptable. We work with a wide variety of hardware and software to develop agile technology solutions for our clients. We offer products like:

  • Fortinet firewalls, access points, and network switches.
  • Dell workstations, servers, and SANs.
  • Veeam.
  • Datto.
  • ProofPoint.
  • DUO.
  • Apple.
  • Microsoft.

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Technology should connect and empower your team. If you're in Chicago, Illinois, Valparaiso, Indiana, Michigan City, Indiana, South Bend, Indiana, or Merrillville, Indiana, and you're looking to upgrade IT infrastructure at your business, our team is eager to help you. We strive for excellence in our work, and we offer comprehensive plans and a stress-free experience. Schedule a consultation today by phone at 219-462-7200, by email at, or online with our simple form. We look forward to learning more about your business.

Never take your eye off the ball

Implementing the road map begins with setting up our remote monitoring and maintenance tools on your network. Golden Tech will monitor for server performance, storage capacity, network availability and a general health overview of your network. Maintenance is the practice of applying regular updates, malware prevention patches and best practices alignment to our Golden Standards. When something on the network is not working, we fix it, notify you if need be, all for a set cost per month.

We listen & learn

Golden Complete clients have instant access to our help desk technicians who are friendly and capable. We will set up a portal to submit and view ticket progress. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

To get out ahead of IT issues, our Golden Complete clients receive on-site visits from Network Administrators. These Net Admins are experienced Golden technicians who will work on aligning your network to our list of over 500 best practices. These visits are proactive, the purpose of the Net Admin is to get out in front of as many issues as possible. These small changes all add up to proactive improvements in order to avoid larger problems.

Out of sight - Out of mind

The combined effect of a well-engineered road map, remote monitoring & maintenance and alignment to best practices is technology that works all day every day. The Golden Complete managed services approach helps our clients avoid surprise expenses, unplanned downtime and IT frustration. 

The Past is the Past -
The Old Way

The prevailing attitude in small-to-medium-sized business has been to address IT issues in the middle of an emergency. Businesses turned to an IT company to re-actively come in and fix problems as they occurred. This is a sure-fire way to ensure extended downtime, mismatched equipment, non-compliance and band-aid fixes. 

Even if you have your own IT staff on site, crucial, proactive planning and consistent monitoring often ends up getting put on the back burner because of day to day demands. Under Golden Tech’s Fully Managed IT Solution, Golden Complete, the IT road map, monitoring & maintenance and alignment to best practices are never neglected. Our focus is IT, so your focus can remain on your business.

better to be safe than sorry

Eighty percent of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by well intentioned  employees.

IT performance is directly connected to revenue. The better your technology behaves, the better your employees produce. It seems a simple formula, but when the wrong people and processes are managing your technology, you are not set up for success.

According to a Gartner study,  in the next three years it is expected that 80 percent of mission-critical outages will be directly caused by mismanagement, poor planning, and failed processes. Technology has moved beyond the ability of all but the most certified of employees.

Downtime is always going to cost a business money - how much depends on the plan to get back online. 


planning & proactive practices can reduce downtime by up to 80-percent

how does golden tech reduce downtime?

We pride ourselves on our tailored service and solutions. That’s why we put time-tested, well-researched, and field proven best practices and procedures in place to put an end to unplanned downtime.

Actively monitoring each device on your network means we can see a problem – and resolve it-- before it turns into downtime. Proactive maintenance creates a healthy network that is up-to-date and secure.

Golden Tech Network Administrators regularly visit, audit and align your technology in a way that wards off incidents. We check for failing devices and network issues. We keep your network up-to-date and running smooth – because a well-designed and implemented network can reduce downtime by up to 80 percent.

Mark Bealin SearchLab Chicago

"We recommend Golden Tech to every client..."

Golden Tech is one of the best IT partners we have been able to find in the Midwest. We partnered with Golden Tech to be our dedicated IT partner a year ago. Since then, the clients of ours who took up their service has seen a dramatic decrease in downtime and email / server related issues. We recommend Golden Tech to every client of ours who are looking for IT solutions.

Mark Bealin  //  Managing Partner // SearchLab Chicago Inc.

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